Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the fairy-tale world of the teddy-bear exhibition. This tiny group of cubs is just a taste of a vast private collection, founded a few years ago by Antal Balázs and his family, inhabitants of Rákóczifalva.
The size of the collection is now over 1700 pieces, and is constantly growing.
The oldest teddy bears, filled with wood- fibre, come from some 111 years back.

The teddy bears of this immense collection were made in toy- factories all over the world. Their origin, together with the clothes they wear, give an insight into historic periods, while others are adorned with costumes of different, unconventional materials. Folk crafts and trades are revived in the exquisite costumes, tailored to the personality of the individual teddy bear, by the hands of applied artists and floral designers. Most of the clothes and costumes were designed by the late Mrs Antal Balázs,"Piroska néni", while the outfits of the characters of Hungarian history, the Seven Chieftains, king Stephen and queen Gisella are the creation of Ildikó Debreczeni, theatrical costume designer.

The collection called Teddy Bear Army contains ancient pieces as well as the childhood properties of celebrities.

Antal Balázs's passion for teddy bears is inspired by the wish to conserve historic relics, for the benefit of posterity.

The richly adorned, several-decade-old or fin-de-siécle metal boxes revive the atmosphere of our great-grandmothers' world. The boxes contain true delicacies, such as cigars, coffee, tea, chocolate, face powder and cold cream. What do they have in common? These products were packaged in such colourful boxes in the past.

You may see all of them together in this unique collection, their numbers exceeding 2000.

Apart from teddy bears and boxes, the visitors may see scores of old artefacts, such as several pieces of hundred-year-old furniture as well as the remains of the stately home of the Rákóczi family and the Gorove state house, as these two magnificent buildings once stood in Rákóczifalva. The Teddy Bear Army has been recruited to serve a noble goal, the reconstruction of the Rákóczi mansion.

Initiated by the organisers, in 2008 the teddy bears started a round-the-world tour. Since then they have accompanied individuals, stars and celebrities going abroad, where they have been photographed with the sights of the given places in the background. By now, they have travelled to all the continents, visiting many beautiful places. (photo gallery)

Gallery Bocs D' Art of the Teddy Bear Museum offers a venue each month for artists and collectors to present their work. (photo gallery)
The management of the museum would be delighted if this spiritual and artistic legacy could reach as many people as possible, making their world better and more beautiful.

You can see the photos made in the Teddy Bear Museum here.

We wish you a wonderful and memorable time!
5085 Rákóczifalva, Szabadság tér 3.

Owner, inventor of the ideas
Antal Balázs

Presenters in the museum, information on group
admission, Exhibitions can be ordered from:

Antal Balázs
5085 Rákóczifalva, Rákóczi út 43.

Ticket prices:
Adult: 650 HUF
Children, retired: 350 HUF
Group: 300 HUF / person
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